This committee shall receive all amendments to these Bylaws and put them in the proper form for submission to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates. This committee shall serve as the Elections Committee for all TSTA statewide elections. The President shall select the Credentials and Elections Committees for the annual House of Delegates from this committee.
TSTA Bylaws, Article IX, Section 1.A.2



CHARGE # 1: Receive amendments to the Bylaws and prepare in proper form for submission to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates.
ACTION: The Credentials, Bylaws and Elections (CB&E) Committee received no proposed bylaws amendments.

CHARGE # 2: Review all existing TSTA Bylaws.
ACTION: The committee conducts an ongoing cursory review of the TSTA Bylaws and did not recommend any changes to the TSTA Bylaws.

CHARGE #3: Review the 2021 TSTA HoD and NEA Representative Assembly’s actions that have implications for the Association’s Bylaws.
ACTION: There were no New Business Items that impacted TSTA Bylaws.

CHARGE # 4: Act as Statewide Elections Committee to canvass NEA Delegate elections.
ACTION: The CB&E Committee will meet specifically as an Elections Committee in 2022 to canvass the elections of NEA State Delegates by Region, NEA State Delegates Category II, and NEA Supervisory Cluster Delegates.

CHARGE # 5: Act as Credentials Committee, Bylaws Committee and Elections Committee to canvass Board of Directors At- Large, Officers, and NEA Director Elections at the State House of Delegates.
ACTION: At the annual House of Delegates, the CB&E Committee divides into three separate committees—a Bylaws Committee, a Credentials Committee, and an Elections Committee—that serve distinct purposes. The Bylaws Committee presents proposed bylaws to the delegates for action; the Credentials Committee examines the credentials of elected delegates and presents for certification the delegates in attendance; and the Elections Committee will canvass ballots and conduct elections.

CHARGE #6: Serve as an advocate for membership recruitment in the region.
ACTION: CB&E Committee members personally recruited members and assisted when possible with membership recruitment in their regions.


II. 2021 New Business Items / Bylaws Amendments

There were no NBI’s or Bylaws Amendments submitted to the committee in 2021.


Credentials, Bylaws, and Elections Committee

  • Marcela Aguayo, Ysleta Teachers Association (Region 8) (Chair)
  • Karen Barnes-Ullrich, Education Austin (Region 11)
  • Bianca Carr, Houston Education Association (Region 15)
  • Natalie Clifford, Harlandale Education Association (Region 2)
  • Angela Garcia, Pasadena Educators Association (Region 15)
  • Roger Hall, Education Abilene (Region 9)
  • Angie Soto, Socorro Education Association (Region 13)
  • Ysrael Valencia, TSTA-Retired (TSTA-R)
  • Andre Williams, Tyler Education Association (Region 18)