Members In attendance:

Angel Watkins, Melinda Alvarado
ESP AT Large Members Karen Barnes-Ullrich and Sheila Walker

Definition of Resolution:

Resolutions are formal expressions of opinion, intent, belief, or position of the association. They shall set forth general concepts in clear, concise language, shall be broad in nature, shall state the positions of the association positively and without ambiguity, and shall be consistent with the goals of the Association as stated in the preamble of the constitution.


Citizenship & Rights- Angel Watkins
Employee Excellence – Karen Barnes-Ullrich
Curriculum and Learning- Melinda Alvarado
Group Rights- Shelia Walker
Members will meet with the subcommittee at the summer meeting in June.

Leading Policy Issues

The committee may, in any given year, see policy interests directed toward one or two critical Association issues, and consequently may consider actions directed toward advancing policies that reflect current activities or initiatives experienced at the state or national level.

NEA Executive Committee Action: NEA Demands: Justice for Black Lives.
Transforming Policing Policies for Safe and Just Communities.

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The committee considered proposed items in the General Actions and Information category for winter work. There were 31 proposed amendments and 3 new Resolution items. 

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Adopted Items:
These were adopted to be presented to the Representative Assembly in July:

A-4. Collaborative Partnerships
B-1. Early Childhood Education
B-5. Dropout Prevention
B-7. Adult Education
B-10. Effective Communication
B-12. Diversity
B-15. American Indian/Alaska Native Education
B-16. Hispanic Education
B-17. Asian and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
B-18. Micronesian Education
B-19. Black American Education
E-6. Development of Materials
H-4. The Role of the Press in a Democracy
I-3. International Criminal Court
D-21. Education Employee Evaluation
G-3. Licensure

Referred to Subcommittee

New Resolution. Culturally Responsive Education
New Resolution. Schools As Polling Locations
New Resolution B. Postsecondary Opportunities
B-14. Racism, Sexism, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression Discrimination
New Resolution. Foster Youth
C-10. Complex Trauma
D-2. Teacher Preparation Programs: Recruitment and Promotion of the Field

New Resolution

J. Harassment
J. Gender Equity
Unassigned location – Education Support Professionals (ESPs)

Change in Open Hearing

Please note that NEA has changed the Resolutions’ open hearing to a virtual meeting.

Virtual Open Hearing on NEA Resolutions for RA Delegates (Zoom)
Wed, June 22, 2022
8:00pm-9:30pm Eastern