In attendance:

Angel Watkins and Rick Beaule

Definition of Resolution:

Resolutions are formal expressions of opinion, intent, belief, or position of the association. They shall set forth general concepts in clear, concise language, shall be broad in nature, shall state the positions of the association positively and with- out ambiguity, and shall be consistent with the goals of the Association as stated in the preamble of the constitution.


Citizenship & Rights- Angel Watkins

Employee Protection & Retirement- Rick Beaule

Members will meet with the subcommittee again at the summer meeting in July.

Leading Policy Issues

The committee may, in any given year, see policy interests directed toward one or two critical Association issues, and consequently may consider actions directed toward advancing policies that reflect current activities or initiatives experienced at the state or national level. This year we concentrated on Elimination of Discrimination.

Resolutions and Amendments adopted at the Winter Meeting were in the areas of:

A- Serve as the national voice of education.

B — Advance the cause of education for all individuals

C — Promote the health and welfare of children and/or students

I- Promote and Protect Human and Civil Rights

The committee considered proposed items in the General Actions and  Information  category  for  winter  work. There were 26 proposed amendments and 3 new Resolution items.  These were adopted to be presented to the Representative Assembly in July:

A-14. Financial Support of Public Education

A-37. Community Education 

 B-5. Dropout Prevention

A-37. Community Education

 B-11. Class Size

B-14. Racism, Sexism, Sexual Orientation, [and] Gender Identity, and Gender Expression 42 Discrimination 

B-20. Discriminatory Academic Tracking

B-34. Education for All Students with Disabilities

 C-10. Complex Trauma

D-6. Teacher Preparation Programs: Content and Evaluation

 D-7. Teacher Preparation Programs: Clinical Practice

D-8. Hiring Policies and Practices for Teaching Positions 

 D-13. Administrator Preparation

 F-7. Basic Contract Standards

F-11. Benefits

I-12. Human Rights

 I-15. Private Prisons Lactating Employees

I-16. Human Relations in the School

I-24. Fair Housing

I-49. Elimination of Discrimination

I-52. White Supremacy Culture

New Resolution

F. Workplace Accommodations for Lactating Employees

Change in Open Hearing

Please note that NEA has changed the Resolutions and other committees open hearing  to a virtual meeting.

Virtual Open Hearing on Proposed Resolutions
June 23 8:00-9:00 EDT

NEA Resolutions paid tribute to the life and service of Richard Martin.