Parliamentary Procedures Under TSTA House of Delegates Standing Rules

GREEN or RED paddles

Main motions and motions that deal with the main motion



MotionDebatableAmendableVote Required
8. Close DebateNoNo2/3
7. Limit or Extend Limits of DebateNoYes2/3
6. Postpone to a Certain TimeYesYesMajority
5. Refer to CommitteeYesYesMajority
4. Amend the AmendmentYesNoMajority
3. Amend or SubstituteYesYesMajority
2. Postpone IndefinitelyYesNoMajority
1. Main MotionYesYesMajority

BLUE paddle

Motions that deal with the general conduct of the meeting can interrupt the speaker

MotionDebatableAmendableVote Required
1. Point of OrderNoNoNone
2. Parliamentary InquiryNoNoNone
3. Division of the AssemblyNoNoNone
4. Appeal the Decision of the ChairYesNoMajority
5. Object to ConsiderationNoNo2/3

WHITE paddle

Motions that cannot interrupt the speaker

MotionDebatableAmendableVote Required
1. Request for InformationNoNoNone
2. Modify or WithdrawNoNoMajority
3. Divide a MotionNoYesMajority
4. Suspend the RulesNoNo2/3

The motions listed should be sufficient for you to express your opinion on a motion before the assembly or to raise a question concerning the procedures of the assembly.

Additional parliamentary motions available to you include: Reconsider; Lay on the Table; Take from the Table; Recess; and Adjourn.