2021 – 2022

“This committee shall research issues of importance to education employees and students in Texas and shall propose for adoption by the TSTA House of Delegates a Legislative Program recommending state legislative actions related to those issues.”
TSTA Bylaws, Article IX, Section 1, Subsection D (2)


Legislative Committee Charges 2021-2022

  1. Review and make recommendations to the TSTA Legislative Program.
    ACTION: The Legislative Committee met once during the 2021-22 year (on November 6, 2021), at which time the Program was reviewed and recommended changes were made.
  1. Submit a written report, including the proposed Legislative Program, to the 2022 House of Delegates.
    ACTION: The proposed Legislative Program is shown below. There are several additions found in red font proposed by the Legislative Committee, which include the following:

• Increase mental health services – numbered 2.07, lines 85-88.
• Oppose expanding virtual learning – numbered 3.06, lines 131-133.
• Fund schools based on attendance – numbered 4.04, lines 160-167.
• Addition of ESL teacher-to-student ratio sentence – numbered 4.10, lines 192-194.

  1. Be a resource in your local and region on the continuing implementation of HB 3 and other public education legislation.
    ACTION: This was discussed; ongoing information and materials are available to members, leaders, and staff regarding HB3 and other public education legislation.
  1. Serve as a resource for other TSTA Standing Committees, Special Committees, and Task Forces to implement their recommendations for the TSTA Legislative Program as needed and if applicable.
    ACTION: The Legislative Committee did not receive recommendations from other committees.

2021 New Business Items Related and Action Taken
No other NBIs from the 2021 House of Delegates convention were related to the Legislative Committee.

Specific Projects and/or Recommendations from the 2021 House of Delegates

A specific project recommended from the 2021 House of
Delegates to the Legislative Committee was the Legislative Program as follows.

Specific Projects and/or Recommendations to the 2022 House of Delegates
There are no projects or recommendations from the Legislative Committee to the 2022 House of Delegates.


Legislative Committee Members 2021-2022:

  • Lucero Cazares-Rodriguez, Garland Education Association
  • Angela Davis (Board Liaison), NEA-Dallas
  • Nataujia DeJohn, Port Arthur Teachers Association
  • Luis De La Garza (Board Liaison), Laredo United TSTA/NEA
  • Norma De La Rosa, El Paso Teachers Association
  • Kary Freemyer, TSTA-Conroe
  • Patricia Johnson, TSTA-Retired
  • Christie Ledgerwood, Amarillo Education Association
  • JL Martinez, Association of Brownsville Educators
  • Javier Ruiz (Chair), Ector County TSTA/NEA
  • Benjamin Sterling, Education Round Rock