Dear #TeamTSTA,

Welcome to the Texas State Teachers Association 143rd House of Delegates!
It is so good to come together as a union family.

This year’s theme, Power Through Action, recognizes our accomplishments
over the last year and calls us to action going forward. As we begin to move
out of this pandemic, we must seize this moment and take this opportunity
to push for the changes we know our students, educators and communities
need. Higher compensation, better benefits, improved working conditions,
smaller class sizes, more support, a living wage for all employees needs to
happen now! Our mission to “provide a quality public school for every child” demands power through action. You are the superheroes we need for this mission!

Together, through organizing, we’ve accomplished vital things to keep our students, colleagues, and communities safe throughout the past year. It has been a difficult and challenging time, but we have found ways to continue to organize
despite the obstacles put up by covid and the politicians running this state who put their political careers over the wellbeing of all our students, educators and communities. Power through action begins with electing leadership in this state that cares about us and public schools.

Organizing for power is going to be critical going into the 2022 elections. We must register our colleagues, families, and friends to vote for pro-public school candidates and then organize them to get to the polls. We must get everyone to the polls to #VoteEducationFirst! We must be focused on power through action all the way to election day. It is time to write a new chapter for all of our students, educators and communities. Let’s continue to be the change and make history #TeamTSTA!

Thank you for being here for this convention. We are honored to stand with you and thank you for your active participation in our union. Organize, enjoy, take care, and stay safe!

Ovidia Molina, TSTA president